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Social Media Marketing Meets HR Talent Acquisition

When organizations think of marketing strategy, it's always with the mindset of promoting their product or service to potential clients.  However, promoting your organization from an HR Talent Acquisition perspective is just as critical!  

If your organization has a sudden spike in business demand but lacks the Human Capital to deliver, more than likely you damaged credibility with that client beyond repair.  Even worse, this has potential to damage your credibility in the marketplace!


  • Recruiting should be an ongoing function equal to sales effort.  
  • The selling function for companies never stops once a sale is completed, nor should recruiting talent for your organization once an opening is filled.  
  • As an organization a perception should be created that you are ALWAYS hiring for the best talent out in the marketplace.


This is where Social Media Marketing benefits this initiative. 


  • Special Social Media Marketing Plan for Talent Acquisition needs to be integrated.  
  • Imperative to create a positive perception in the "public eye" of why talent should join your organization!  
    • This will drive Top Tier Candidates to find you instead of your company having to find the talent in emergency situations.
    • This is especially critical for small business and Start-Up organizations that don't hold the brand name of a Fortune 500!  

Why is a Talent Acquisition Branding Strategy especially critical for small Start-Up organizations? 

  • Larger more well known organizations have always been more attractive to top talent.
    • Perception of greater job stability & career growth.
    • Bigger organizations are always branding and promoting their internal initiatives and accomplishments making them attractive to applicants.
  • By using a Talent Aquisition Branding Strategy, a Start-Up Organization can target a selected message to a group of candidates belonging to a specific "hidden talent pool" thus decreasing their competition.

Career Compass Group's Integrated HR Talent Acquisition/Social Media Marketing Solution Fitted Specific to Small Business

 As a client of Career Compass Group what are you really getting?

A deep and very diversified expertise of Human Resource knowledge specialized in the area of Talent Acquisition for Small Business.


Strong understanding of Social Media Marketing Principles and how to effectively integrate that into a Company Branding Strategy.


Company Branding Solution that will enhance your Corporate Image driving Candidates to want to work for you and Clients that will want to buy from you!

Career Compass Group is Diversified Enough to Take Your Business in Many Directions

With our background being unique in a few different areas, CCG has capabilities to take a Small Firm or Start-Up in multiple directions from a Branding & Image perspective.

  • Prior experience working for a Start-Up Technology Firm implementing HR Hiring Strategies.
  • Extensive Marketing and Social Media knowledge on Linkedin's Platform.  We can teach your firm how to utilize Linkedin to drive candidate and customer traffic!
  • Over 20 years of Recruitment experience in both agency and corporate environments implementing interviewing and hiring strategies with Hiring Department Heads.

Adding HR Value in the Small Startup Tech Space

HR Talent Acquisition Consulting for Small Business/Entrepreneurs


Career Compass Group's vision is two fold:

1) Providing an online Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Resource for Technology Entrepreneurs and Small Business Startups through our Career Compass Group Job Beat online publication.


2) Partner as a driving force from a HR and Talent Acquisition Consulting perspective to help transform Small Business Startups into growing organizations! 

CCG's goal is to educate in order to promote growth to our community!


Proactive Hiring Strategies Company Profile Hiring Strategy

Businesses must always be in proactive hiring mode. Even if there is not an opening or a need, talent search should be an ongoing function. 

  • Create hiring profiles based on core functions to your organization.
  • Create an interview process that decreases time-to-fill and generates a pleasant candidate experience.
  • Interview using a hands on approach as opposed to traditional interview methods.
  • Evaluate candidates based on a simulated situation of performing a job task in your environment.
  • Give candidates a team oriented task with members of your team to evaluate team chemistry and collaboration.


Speaking & Training Services

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Organizations and Groups that I love to come share my ideas with:

  • Professional Business Meetup/Alumni Groups
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurial Groups
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Marketing & Sales  

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