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Connecting Cutting Edge Talent With The Tech Sector

Hiring Top Talent involves Breaking Barriers and Changing the Game!


Career Compass Group (CCG) strives to exceed our clients' expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game! 

How we do that is by helping your organization hire "Game Changing" Talent needed to compete in an incredibly crowded space we know as the "Tech Sector".

Here’s the truth: You are not set up for success to do this on your own.

Winning the war for talent is not about one-upping your competitors on salary.  Today's Talented Workforce is a lot more savvy and have demands outside of a competitive salary. 

Finding people that are going to take your organization to the next level is about strategy and expertise. You need an expert to advocate for you and clearly articulate why you’re better than your competition as a desirable destination!

This is what Career Compass Group is designed to do!

Trust CCG To Find Your Next Leader

Recruiting Partner When HR Departments Are Thin


Is Your HR Department thin or you don't have a department in place?  Are you struggling to hire for a Critical or Niche Role?


Our Solution for helping organizations that are growing and looking to scale

 Three Prong Approach:

 -Creating Customized Hiring Avatars


-Customized Employer Branding Strategy Using Social Media

-Setting up Talent Pipelining Systems based on a regular cadence of Recruitment Activities

CCG doesn't help you fill job openings, we help you fill critical and strategic roles that allow your organization to scale!

Employee Retention


In a tough hiring landscape smaller companies are challenged to compete with larger Fortune 500 Companies with deeper resources for acquiring Critical Talent.  

Therefore it is essential that a Strong Employee Retention Strategy be put in place to hold onto your talent!

The Core Components of a Strong Employee Retention Plan involves:

Performance Appraisals


Career Development

CCG goes beyond just helping you fill that critical role!

We are an invested partner to our clients and offer your organization a resource to help implement these very essential pieces to your most critical HR Investment


Career Management


 Career Management is a must if you expect to gain maximum success and happiness out of your Employees from the hours they invest in working at your Organization.  

 Developing your Employees' talents and skills will stretch their world and enable more of a unique contribution from them. This in turn will give them a greater appreciation for your organization in that you invested in making their career a success!

CCG will help your organization design a Career Management Strategy for your employees to help them experience Career Growth!

  • One-on-One Career Coaching
  • Career Path Strategies


How Does A Company Hire Their First Employee When Scaling?

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Recruiting Secrets To Finding The "Perfect Candidate"

Finding the perfect candidate for each organization's needs is difficult!  Here are some creative and "out of the box" ways for an organization to search for their "Perfect Employees"!

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Are you an Organization unfamiliar to Hiring Practices? Are you about to embark on a Career Transition Journey?

These situations can be daunting at times, so don't hesitate to connect with us.  We are passionate about Talent Acquisition and have Expert Knowledge so would love to help!

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