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Hiring Doesn't Have to be Impossible Just Strategic

 "Burning Questions" that has Hiring Organizations "scratching their heads" when trying to hire!  

1) How do I get the right qualified people to apply to my job openings or find them if they are not finding us?

2) What can I do to retain my key talent in our organization?

3) How can our organization compete for talent when there in a extreme "Talent Shortage" market?

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Hiring Top Talent Involves "Changing the Game"to Stand Out!

Hiring Doesn't Have to be Impossible Just Strategic

Today's candidates are building careers on their own terms and it's no longer just about money.  Today's Employee demands more from their Employer!  

Career Compass Group is a Recruiting Resource that addresses the unique hiring challenges ‚Äčorganizations both big and small face when trying to find critical talent.   

Hiring is our passion and we love to help!  All you have to do is reach out to us with your question, we will provide insights and possible solutions you might not have though about with "no strings attached"


Beat Out The Internal Candidates

Great tips how External Candidates can compete with Internal Candidates for a job!

How Does A Company Hire Their First Employee When Scaling?

Quick Tips on Effective Hiring Manager Interview Questions

3 Types Of Employees - How To Hire

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