Our Expertise We Provide

Internal HR Talent Acquisition Assessments

Developing Hiring Profiles to fit Company Culture

Customized Hiring Strategy Planning

Profile Hire Training-New Way To Acquire Talent

Extension Of Your Recruitment Team

We will integrate with your team to take on recruiting functions such as a Traditional Staff Augmentation Model

Hiring Manager Interview Training

We will train your team how to interview and the right questions to ask candidates

Salary Negotiation Strategies

We consult our clients in salary benchmarking as well as strategies in presenting offers

Recruitment Outsource Consulting Services

Staff Augmentation Services & Hiring Manager Interview Training

Staff Augmentation Services

Work alongside your team to help them fill specific needs that are a "pain point" to fill


Full Life Cycle Recruitment from finding candidates all the way to salary negotiation and offer presentation.

Why Important

  • If your organization doesn't have the ability to find and fill the position due to bandwidth, your organization can be negatively impacted by loss of revenue each day the role goes unfilled. 
  • End-result causes fulfillment problems with your customers.

Return On Investment:

Revenue Generation by having the role filled within a couple of months by outside consulting far exceeds the cost of the position unfilled for several months.

Hiring Manager Interview Training


Coach Internal Hiring Managers/HR Departments how to appropriately assess candidate skills to organization cultural fit through asking strategic interview questions.

Why Important: 

  • Interviewing is a tough skill to master, not asking the right questions especially those that are illegal can cause major problems to your organization.
  • Not asking the right questions makes it difficult to vet candidates properly.  End-result is the wrong hiring move can be made.

Return On Investment:

Hiring the right people will help increase your efficiency to fulfilling your customer demand, that equals increased revenue stream!

Implement a Long-Term Recruitment Solution


Implement the Profile Hire Training Methodology which involves teaching organizations how to hire to profiles and pipeline talent when need arises.

Why important

By identifying job profiles and the type of talent that fits your particular organization's profile, a regular cadence of recruiting efforts can be done even if you don't have a need.


 Profile Hiring allows organizations to keep a pipeline of warm leads always accessible when demand spike hits.  This will create the image that your organization is thriving and always looking to hire top talent if the situation is right!


Help your Organization build a Corporate Talent Acquisition Branding Image


  • The way a organization focuses on branding to attract potential customers, the same focus is critical for attracting future hires.  
  • CCG will help your organization build a Talent Acquisition Branding Strategy through Social Media. 
  • Create a platform for your organization to communicate to the outside world everything you have to offer to future employees as an exciting place to work!

Why important

  • The same way companies evaluate and vet potential candidates to hire, candidates are doing their own vetting process for companies they want to work for.  
  • If candidates don't see intriguing activities in Social Media or on the website that the company is partaking in or what growth opportunities are available they will not want to go work for them.


Organizations that have an active Social Media presence are thought to be more credible vs. organizations not active in Social Media by candidates.

Your Organization will be seen with a negative connotation as not being technology savvy making it difficult to attract top talent the company will need to hire down the road.

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