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Branding Solutions for Job Seekers Making A Career Transition

iAt Career Compass Group (CCG), we strive to exceed your expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game. Candidates' resumes are no longer the "carrot" that attracts Employers to your candidate profile.  Hiring Managers know about a candidate and if they are interested even before someone officially applies to a job.  

This means SOCIAL MEDIA!!

If your not branding yourself on Social Media as an Attractive Candidate then unfortunately your resume or application will NOT get noticed!

CCG navigates our clients through the entire career transition process with a Branding Strategy that will get a Hiring Manager's Attention!

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Human Resource Solutions-Small Business

Your business just broke the revenue threshold and your ready to scale, or you just won additional business.  The only problem is your organization lacks the employees to accomplish either mission.  

As the Leadership for your organization you realize you have never been in a situation where you need to hire and probably don't have anyone on your staff to accurately facilitate the hiring process.

This is where CCG's expertise can add value!  We offer one-on-one Talent Acquisition consulting services allowing you to speak freely with a skilled HR TA Leader who can answer all your questions from the complex to the mundane.  With the fast-pace world we live in we realize you may not have time to wait and you need solutions fast!  We are ready to bring you the best solutions for your Hiring Challenges so conference us in or chat with us by phone if you don't have time to see us in person.


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What Makes CCG Unique

Working with a Senior Recruiter without the Agency Feel!

If you are a Professional trying to navigate the career search process this can be quite daunting.  Having a senior recruiting presence to manage that for you and being your personal advocate can make the critical difference in your mission!

If you are an organization that has had little to minimal exposure to the hiring process having a high amount of personal attention in this area is a valuable commodity!

Career Compass Group we make our clients feel like 1 of 1 NOT one of many!

Tips for Hiring Your First Employee

It can be challenging for small organizations hiring their 1st Employee.

4 Ways To Beat Internal Candidates For A Job

Internal Candidates may have an advantage to getting positions within their own company but there are definitely ways for External Candidates to combat this!


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Are you an Organization unfamiliar to Hiring Practices? Are you about to embark on a Career Transition Journey?

These situations can be daunting at times, so don't hesitate to connect with us.  We are passionate about Talent Acquisition and have Expert Knowledge so would love to help!

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