Our Expertise We Provide

Internal HR Talent Acquisition Assessments

Developing Hiring Profiles to fit Company Culture

Customized Hiring Strategy Planning

Profile Hire Training-New Way To Acquire Talent

Extension Of Your Recruitment Team

We will integrate with your team to take on recruiting functions

Hiring Manager Interview Training

We will train your team how to interview and the right questions to ask candidates

Salary Negotiation Strategies

We consult our clients in salary benchmarking as well as strategies in presenting offers

We Are Different From A Staffing Agency

HR Talent Acquisition Consulting for Small Business Transitioning into Growth


 Biggest difference between CCG vs. Staffing Agency is Short-term vs. Long-term Solution.

Career Compass Group Model:

Our mission is to NOT only be a Long-term HR and Talent Acquisition (TA) solution to our clients, but be a consultative partner that is invested in their growth from a TA perspective!

This means:

  • Initial Deep-Dive Analysis benchmarks where your organization is now and plans for your future.  Allows us to assess and recommend critical functional roles your organization needs.

  • CCG assist in the recruiting efforts, as well as design a comprehensive recruiting plan for a re-occuring strategy.

  • CCG will implement a Talent Acquisition Branding Campaign around Social Media Platforms specifically Linkedin & Twitter.

  • Last and most important our relationships with our clients are important to us so we want to stay connected in a maintenance capacity. We want to make sure the recruiting program we designed is running efficiently and can assist in making necessary adjustments to keep it on track.

Staffing Agency Model:

  • Used primarily in a Reactive Recruiting Situation (Short-term Solution) for tough to fill positions  outside the scope of the Internal Hiring Team.

  • Agencies only pre-screen candidates & facilitate the offer.  Once that is complete their job is considered finished and they are off to the next client.

  • Their service model typically is a "one size fits all" with a typical Pricing Model  20% of the candidate salary accompanied by a replacement warranty 90 days.  
    • If the candidate doesn't work out, after that period your organization is out of pocket for the cost with a 0% ROI.


CCG's Talent Acquisition Marketing Strategy

 Career Compass Group's Integrated  HR Talent Acquisition/Social Media Marketing Solution Designed Specific For Small Business

  • Strong understanding of Social Media Marketing Principles and how to effectively integrate that into a Company Branding Strategy from a HR Talent Acquisition Perspective.

  • Company Branding Solution that will enhance your Corporate Image driving Candidates to want to work for you and Clients that will want to buy from you!

  • When organizations think of marketing strategy, it's always with the mindset of promoting their product or service to potential clients. However, promoting your organization from an HR Talent Acquisition perspective is just as critical!  

Speaking & Training Services

 As a client of Career Compass Group what are you really getting?

CCG's unique background and capabilities allows us to take a Small  or Start-Up Firm experiencing growth into multiple directions from a Branding & Image perspective.

  • Prior experience working for a Start-Up Technology Firm implementing HR Hiring Strategies.

  • Extensive Marketing and Social Media knowledge on Linkedin's Platform.  We can teach your firm how to utilize Linkedin to drive candidate and customer traffic!

  • Over 20 years of Recruitment experience in both agency and corporate environments implementing interviewing and hiring strategies with Hiring Department Heads.

  • An opportunity to share your organization's story showcased in the Entrepreneurial Section of our website platform to gain your firm critical exposure.


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