Is Your Organization Growing And Need Direction On How To Hire Talent?

Are you a Candidate in Career Transition and need help standing out to Hiring Managers?

CCG Designs Hiring Road Maps!

Looking To Solve Your Recruiting Questions

Interviewing for a Sales Position  

Demonstrate that you are a Consultant that solves customer problems!

Ways to Answer the "What is your Weakness" Question


Here are some strategic ways to answer the "What is your Weakness" Question.

Video Resumes Vs. Paper Resumes

Video Resumes are definitely a great way for grabbing a Hiring Manager's attention!

Importance of HR Branding Strategy for Organizations

If you are an organization that is growing then you are an organization that is hiring!

Talent Acquisition Branding Strategies are just as critical to an organization as Sales Branding!

Negotiation Tips For Hiring Talented Candidates

There are other factors that are more important to a candidate beyond money.

Salary shouldn't be the only focus!

How To Make Your Job Postings "Pop"

If your job postings are not attracting the right candidates you are looking for perhaps its time to change them up!


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