Our Mission

Adding tremendous value to our clients through education and consulting on the recruitment and HR process. This will add noticeable value to them in building that Talent Acquisition process to create long-term solutions to filling future critical roles on their own. In addition, we help our clients build a Talent Acquisition Branding Strategy via Social Media as a way of proactively attracting the types of Avatar roles they need to hire in order to grow.

Our Expertise

• Developing Hiring Profiles to fit Company Culture

• Customized Hiring Strategy Planning Profile Hire Training-New Way To Acquire Talent

• Staff Augmentation Model extension Of Your Recruitment Team while we help you Build & Train your own HR Team

• Hiring Manager Interview Training your Hiring Managers how to interview & ask the right questions/candidates Salary — Negotiation Strategies/salary benchmarking as well as strategies in presenting offers

• HR Talent Acquisition Branding Strategies using Social Media with LinkedIn and Facebook

• Designing Your Entrepreneur Feature Story

How We Differ From Staffing Agencies

• A staffing agency will only find candidates to fill a particular position when your organization is in a crunch, once the position is filled they move on to the next client.

• There is a lack of long-term investment beyond filling the position in need from the Staffing Agency perspective.

• Staffing Agencies usually don’t like to work with small organizations because it’s tougher to attract candidates to want to work in that environment, agencies are usually about speed and volume.

That is NOT US!!

In fact, we are the opposite, we love working with Small up and coming organizations.  CCG is a consulting firm that is invested in our client’s long-term growth from a Talent Acquisition Perspective. Our passion is to help a small firm scale and grow into something larger!!

Our Services

  • Video Resume consulting

  • Customized Job Interview Coaching

  • Creation of a Job Search Branding Strategy

  • Provide client feature stories that are showcased on our Entrepreneurial Page

Positions We specialize in consulting on

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Technology

  • Leadership

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