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Connecting Talent with Organizations

Hiring Top Talent involves Breaking Barriers and Changing the Game!

Here is the truth: Organizations trying to find the right talent to take their Business to the next level are not setup for success to accomplish this on their own.

Winning the war for talent is NOT about one-upping your competition on salary.  Today's Talented Workforce is very savvy and have demands outside of a competitive salary.   This is one of the biggest driving forces causing hiring problems for all Organizations, learning how to adjust to this "mindset".

Therefore organizations as well as Job Seeking Candidates need a platform that provides accurate and credible information for hiring as well as a resource for creating awareness for one another.

I have been involved in all aspects of the Hiring Funnel as a (Headhunter/Corporate Recruiter/Recruiting Consultant/Speaker) for the better part of my career.  Honestly, there is not another career out there I would have chosen if I could do it over again!  

The idea of having a direct impact on connecting "Game Changing Talent" with "Cutting Edge Organizations" to help further advance the Business World in this "Digital Era" we now live in is a passion that continues to drive me! 

This is what inspired me to create Career Compass Group as a Digital "Information Highway" Publication.  The goal is to create a "Hiring Guide" that will add value to a Community of Hiring Officials and Candidates around the world. 


Resource for Educational Purposes Only NOT A PLACE FOR SELLING

  • Blogs, Videos, Hiring Articles, Feature Stories on Businesses and their Leaders all centered around the topic of Hiring & Recruitment.

  • Additionally Interviews with Thought Leaders with expertise in the area of Hiring.


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