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My Story

Upon graduating with my Marketing Degree which I loved, I entered into my first job as a Sales Assistant with a Advertising Agency.  One year into it I discovered I had no passion for the job and was not happy at all.  I was lost career wise without a direction!

However by a stroke of luck I fell into a Recruiting job in a Recruitment Agency and never looked back!

Twenty years later I have enjoyed a satisfying career where you have a direct impact on someone's life  which very few careers offer!

About Career Compass Group Job Beat

Hiring Top Talent Involves Breaking Barriers and Changing the Game


Here is the truth: Organizations trying to find the right talent to take their Business to the next level are not setup for success to accomplish this on their own.

Winning the war for talent is NOT about one-upping your competition on salary. 

 Today's Talented Workforce is very savvy and have demands outside of a competitive salary!  This is one of the biggest driving forces causing hiring problems for all Organizations, learning how to adjust to this "mindset".

Connecting Talent With Organizations


"Career Compass Group Job Beat" is a Talent Acquisition Publication Website. It is a resource for solutions to Businesses where there is not an Executive Level Human Resources Practitioner. 

We provide information and resources on the Recruiting Process that present challenges that Employers face in finding the Critical Talent they need. 

We solve organization's critical hiring challenges!

We profile entrepreneurs in a podcast and magazine features that make a difference. The entrepreneur podcast is meet the entrepreneurs.

Talent Finding Resources


 Organizations as well as Job Seeking Candidates need a platform that provides accurate and credible information for hiring as well as a resource for creating awareness for one another.


  • Blogs, Videos, Feature Articles on Businesses and their Leaders all centered around the topic of Hiring & Recruitment.
  • Interviews with Thought Leaders with expertise in the area of Hiring.

Our "Dear Recruiter" Blog/Podcast series.  

-Employers struggling to hire/Candidates  struggling in a career search write in with questions that get answered.


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