Areas of Expertise

Industry Focus

My Recruiting Background stems 20 years focused in the Technology World helping organizations scale and grow via the critical talent we have successfully identified!  This space is where my hiring knowledge resides, and where I have a deep network of connections. 

Technology Sector

  • SaaS Consulting Firms
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Analytics
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies


Roles With Specialized Hiring Expertise

C-Suite Roles

  • CEO's Small Organization
  • V.P. Sales
  • V.P. Marketing
  • V.P. Human Resources
  • Thought Leaders/Innovators

Leadership Roles

  • Sales Director/Sales Manager
  • Marketing Director/Marketing Manager
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • Human Resources Manager/Director

Strategic Individual Contributor Roles

  • Enterprise Software Sales
  • Sales Engineers
  • Account Managers
  • Digital Marketing-Analytics, Specialist, Designer
  • Human Resources-HRIS, Business Partners, Employee Relations
  • Functional/Technical Software Consultants
  • Project/Program Managers
  • Sr. Software Engineers
  • Data Analyst

 Career Management Expertise

Successfully coached hundreds of candidates on strategies and techniques leading them to Career Search and Career Transition success with a proven methodology that really works.

Expertise in designing Career Plans to find new positions or prepare for a challenging interview

  • Busy Executives in Management & Business Leadership
  • Technology Leaders & Individual Contributor Technologist
  • Sales Leadership & Account Executives 


My Story

 Upon graduating with my Marketing Degree which I loved, I entered into my first job as a Sales Assistant with a Advertising Agency.  One year into it I discovered I had no passion for the job and was not happy at all.  I was lost career wise without a direction!

However by a stroke of luck I fell into a Recruiting job in a Recruitment Agency and never looked back!  I think what kept me in recruiting all these years was the ability to integrate my marketing abilities and passions into a career where it could be used help others and make their lives better.

Twenty years later I have enjoyed a satisfying career where you have a direct impact on someone's life  which very few careers offer!