Training for Career Seekers on Finding Jobs that are not Advertised


Advanced Linkedin Search For Finding Hidden Jobs

Program Description:

If you have looked for a job anytime in the last 5+ years, then you probably have heard about the hidden job market.  If not, the idea on around this is only a small portion of the jobs out there are publically advertised.  There are lots of reasons why, but usually when employers need to fill an opening they are trying to fill it first through other methods and leaving job postings on the web as the last resort.  

The most popular method has always been “word of mouth” and networking.  Now with the power of Social Media Platforms such as Linkedin, Employers now have a new way to find the exact type of candidates they desire.Finding these jobs on the “hidden job market” is not easy, but very much possible.  The key ingredients to finding these jobs is actually targeted reach outs and believe it or not, letting these jobs find you.  

In this course we will train our audience on how to use Linkedin to create a very targeted search to find the jobs out there that are not made public.  Also we will go over some strategies on how job seekers can make their Social Media Profiles attractive enough where Employers will seek you out. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to use Boolean Search Strings to conduct deep dive searches into finding the types of jobs you desire as well as finding those people that are hiring for that job.
  • How to created a branded message to hiring managers that will get their attention to engage a professional conversation
  • Tips on stepping up your Linkedin Profile to include Search Engine Optimization Techniques that match the jobs you are looking for to make you easily searchable by people hiring.
  • How to utilize the Groups and Alumni feature of Linkedin as a strategy for marketing yourself.

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