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Areas of Hiring Expertise

Industry Focus

Roles We Have Expertise Filling

My Recruiting Background stems 20 years focused in the Technology World helping organizations scale and grow via the critical talent we have successfully identified!  This space is where my hiring knowledge resides, and where I have a deep network of connections. 

Technology Sector

  • SaaS Consulting Firms
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Analytics
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies

Roles With Specialized Hiring Expertise


C-Suite Roles

  • CEO's Small Organization
  • V.P. Sales
  • V.P. Marketing
  • V.P. Human Resources
  • Thought Leaders/Innovators

Leadership Roles

  • Sales Director/Sales Manager
  • Marketing Director/Marketing Manager
  • Data Analytics Manager
  • Human Resources Manager/Director

Strategic Individual Contributor Roles

  • Enterprise Software Sales
  • Sales Engineers
  • Account Managers
  • Digital Marketing-Analytics, Specialist, Designer
  • Human Resources-HRIS, Business Partners, Employee Relations
  • Functional/Technical Software Consultants
  • Project/Program Managers
  • Sr. Software Engineers
  • Data Analyst

Employee Relations and Employment Brand Consulting

Importance of Company Employee Relations Strategy

With the level of difficulty in finding talent, retaining your current talent base is critical! 


Therefore a strong Employee Relations Program that continually engages your employees and is on top of their continual Career Aspirations is a must in retaining them!

Employment Branding

Organizations don't realize this but before a Candidate decides whether or not to apply to your job opening they are checking out your Employer Brand on Social Media!

If your brand a.k.a (website, reviews on Social Media, etc..) are NOT good, no matter how great your job description is candidates won't apply.

Value Ad In This Area

With my vast experience of coaching and hiring many candidates not only into a Company Destination, but a Career Track I have offered valuable insight and advisement to organizations on structuring an effective Employee Relations and Employer Branding program.

  •  Coaching an Employee Through An Appraisal
  • 9 Elements for Effective Employee Praising
  • Five Strategies for Conducting an Effective Performance Review
  • Insights on what Employees Want From Work 
  • Making your website more engaging to candidates taking a visit!