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We provide you our "Information Highway" leading you to HR Talent Acquisition Knowledge!  This is not only a resource for HR TA Knowledge, but a tool for connecting Job Seekers to Small Organizations that are setting Career Trends and offering a work experience that is not mainstream but unique!

We are passionate about Human Resources, especially in the area of Talent Acquisition where we have a deep level of expertise & knowledge!  We realize that with the ever fast changing Business World we live in driven by Innovative Technology and evolving Hiring Practices for both candidates and small organizations have become complex. 

For Business Owners unfamiliar with the HR Industry and the Laws around Hiring, resources can be difficult to come by and the information out there can be difficult to comprehend due to constant changes in Employment Laws.

If you are a professional looking to build a career on your terms in the area of Sales/Technology/Leadership/Human Resources, then this Educational Platform addresses your unique challenges as well!

That is why Career Compass Group set up Tampa Bay Career Trendsetters (TB Career Trendsetters).

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Now please feel free to check out our Feature Stories below on the next wave of Career Trendsetters that could be future homes to many employees!!

Feature Stories on Career Trendsetting News

Career News Making a "Buzz"


Suncoast Developers Guild/Steve Rosen Present Video Resumes


The Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild is a code school that serves people, not profit. They are changing lives and teaching people to be the best software developers they can be.  

The video resume taught to their students can give them a competitive advantage in the job market to attracting the attention of Hiring Managers after graduation!


Interviews with Some Future Hiring Leaders

Rich Heruska, Director of Tampa Bay Wave a Non-Profit helping local Tampa Bay New Companies Grow.

Rich shares some very thought provoking insights on how businesses can overcome obstacles and thrive!

Marcus Howard Co-CEO of ProjectMQ

ProjectMQ is one of the up and coming Indie Gaming Technology Companies that could be a future home for a lot of Developers in the Gaming Industry!

Tammy Charles-Chief Strategist | Keynote Speaker


Currently working with a portfolio of businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises in the Tampa Bay Area and Haiti providing strategic planning, business plan development, and capital/fundraising advisement.  This promising local Tampa Bay Entrepreneur could be a future home for talented Tampa Bay Talent and a CEO to watch!!

Niajae Wallace-Sales Funnel Consultant

Niajae Wallace is definitely setting trends when it comes to creating her own unique career path.  She is a visionary who adds art and creativity in her business approach which is one the things that separates her from the rest.

Her expertise in helping businesses build Sales Funnels is not to be missed!  This lady is definitely the definition of a CAREER TRENDSETTER!