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Talent Acquisition Consultant

Who is Steven Rosen?


I have worked in the Talent Acquisition Business for more than 20 years. This is my passion, it's in my blood!

My career in recruiting spans out among Agency Perm Placement, Technology Consulting and Corporate Environments both small and large centered around one niche; helping Information Technology Talent find a career path that they are passionate about! 

Looking back, my very first job order I ever worked on as a Technical Agency Recruiter was a Java Developer for General Motors back in Detroit, Michigan.  The process of interviewing candidates and listening to the exciting things they were doing to drive technology really excited me!   It defined the career path I wanted to take.  

I not only wanted to have a successful career in recruiting, but I wanted to hire people who are innovative, creative and doing work that is leaving a mark on the Business World.  For me that screamed Information Technology Recruiting and I never looked back!

My Journey

I have spent 20+ years in Talent Acquisition hiring and placing individuals into critical Business & Technology roles specific to for some of the top Fortune 500 Organizations in the world GM, Ford, Blue Cross, Federal Government, Cisco, VMware and BAE Systems.

  • Technology 
  • Software Engineering
  • Management
  • Human Resource Leadership   

Some other highlights to my story:

  • I grew up not knowing what I wanted out of my Professional Life. Recruiting was not even a consideration.  However I always had an interest in marketing so I went on to major in marketing and advertising earning a Bachelor Degree in Business from Wayne State University right in the heart of Downtown Detroit.


  • I knew I really wanted a career where I could make a significant impact in peoples' lives, so I decided my path to that was Human Resources and Talent Acquisitions. I earned an MSA in Human Resources from Central Michigan University, along with a Certification in Interview Coaching from Career Directors International (  

  • It was my background in marketing that helped propel me into a successful career as a Recruiter where I never looked back!  My knowledge and passion for staffing has been invaluable to hundreds of candidates in their career pursuits within Business & Technology.  For Organization Hiring Managers, I have  proven to be a true asset as a staffing partner.  In many cases I have been successful in finding them talent that will fit their long-term department goals, as opposed to finding candidates that just fits a set of skills for a specific job.

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What Clients Are Saying

David Robbins Senior Technical Product Management Professional

I hired Steve during a recent job search. I met him right around the six month mark as part of a self assessment as to why I had a tremendous number of interviews but hadn't landed an offer.

Steve and I spent a good deal of time talking on the phone before I hired him and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and personable. When we met in person, he asked me a series of mock interview questions before providing me with direct, unfiltered feedback along with specific actionable strategies for me to address.

I was fortunate enough to put these strategies to work in four interviews the following week and ended up receiving offers from two of those companies. I'm quite sure that, while there were additional factors, I wouldn't have landed as quickly without Steve's insights and advice.

Lucy Ledogar Van Beever Associate Director of Employer Relations at Boston University

 Steve was instrumental in helping our career center develop a specialized workshop for technical students who wanted to gain more insight into behavioral interviewing techniques. The students responded to Steve's presentation very well and he kept the workshop interactive, informative and fun. We look forward to collaborating with Steve again soon. 

Ariella Camera Deputy Director, Health Office, USAID Bangladesh

 Steve is an exceptional career consultant. He is innovative, creative, and thinks outside of the box when approaching career transitions. Working one on one with him allowed me to gain valuable advice and to develop a strategic plan to address my career trajectory. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of consultant advice or direction in regards to their current career path or future strategic plan. 

Colleen O'Malley Director of Training Solomon Page

 Steve was generous enough to donate his time to conduct a series of career counseling sessions at the workforce development non-profit I work for, Operation A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston at Quincy Housing Authority. My students were able to take advantage of his expertise and advice over several sessions. Steve was able to quickly build relationships with my students, and earn their respect with his expertise. Steve was always ready with constructive feedback and valuable information from the point of view of someone with extensive recruiting experience. Steve was not only able to give valuable insight into the hiring process but also how to stand out in a highly competitive job market. My students had nothing but positive things to say about Steve, and many commented saying such things as he helped to round out the training program and gave them a better understanding of the hiring process. He definitely contributed to making the class even more successful. He was a great help to myself as a trainer, as well as to my students. 

David Wartell CEO / COO / Investor / Executive Advisor IDT Corporation

 I knew exactly what type of job I wanted and what companies I wanted to work for. I thought I knew how to market myself. I applied, posted my resume, and tried to do it on my own for 4 months without success. On a tip from a friend I contacted Mr. Steven Rosen, a Recruiter with 6 years in the business and Career Coach Consultant. With the help of Steve I had organizations competing over me. He took me through his process which involved an in-depth interview to find out what my interest and skills consisted of. He then assisted me in putting together a marketing presentation geared towards the organizations I wanted to work for. He assisted me in conducting research to find out who the hiring officials were and made a phone call on my behalf to market my skills to the manager. His hard work and diligence resulted in several competitive offers, one company even offered to pick me up in a limo. Six weeks after working with Steve I accepted a senior level position at an industry leading company, reporting directly to the CTO. Steve is a job placement guru. Steve understands what employers look at and he provided insightful coaching. He helped separate me from the pack, and showed me how to communicate my potential to the market. For example, before I met Steve I applied for a position at one of the largest companies in the world titled, Manager of Application Development. After 8 weeks they had not contacted me. I re-applied for the same position after the coaching sessions and got a call the next day!