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Upon graduating with my Marketing Degree which I loved, I entered into my first job as a Sales Assistant with a Advertising Agency.  One year into it I discovered I had no passion for the job and was not happy at all.  I was lost, I spent all this time and effort completing a Business Degree in Marketing and I didn't like it.  It just wasn't for me!

Not knowing what was next in my career future and feeling very lost, I caught a break!  I met someone at a networking event who was a Recruiter in an Agency and we started connecting.  He thought I would be great as a Technology Recruiter in their company and wanted to refer me.  Not really knowing at the time what a Recruiter did accept for Army Recruiters, I figured it couldn't hurt to check it out and go on the interview.  That day my Career Epiphany happened! 

After a afternoon of interviews and asking my last question to the manager, he said to me "Mr. Rosen you asked all the questions accept the right one."  I said what was that?  "He said you didn't ask me if you could have the job?"  So I played along and asked him for the job, and from that day my "career history" was made.

Twenty years later I have enjoyed a satisfying career in what I call one of the few careers out there where you have a direct impact on someone's life outside of being a Doctor.  I think what I love about recruiting is it utilizes all of my marketing skills which I always loved, I just think I needed to use those skills in a capacity where I could see the impact of what I was doing.  To me recruiting is not a job, its in my blood and although I had opportunities to do other things I can't imagine anything else I would love doing more as a career!!

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