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Our Story

Upon graduating with my Marketing Degree which I loved, I entered into my first job as a Sales Assistant with a Advertising Agency.  One year into it I discovered I had no passion for the job and was not happy at all.  I was lost, I spent all this time and effort completing a Business Degree in Marketing and I didn't like it.  It just wasn't for me!

Not knowing what was next in my career future and feeling very lost, I caught a break!  I met someone at a networking event who was a Recruiter in an Agency and we started connecting.  He thought I would be great as a Technology Recruiter in their company and wanted to refer me.  Not really knowing at the time what a Recruiter did accept for Army Recruiters, I figured it couldn't hurt to check it out and go on the interview.  That day my Career Epiphany happened! 

After a afternoon of interviews and asking my last question to the manager, he said to me "Mr. Rosen you asked all the questions accept the right one."  I said what was that?  "He said you didn't ask me if you could have the job?"  So I played along and asked him for the job, and from that day my "career history" was made.

Twenty years later I have enjoyed a satisfying career in what I call one of the few careers out there where you have a direct impact on someone's life outside of being a Doctor.  I think what I love about recruiting is it utilizes all of my marketing skills which I always loved, I just think I needed to use those skills in a capacity where I could see the impact of what I was doing.  To me recruiting is not a job, its in my blood and although I had opportunities to do other things I can't imagine anything else I would love doing more as a career!!

Passion For Our Clients


I love being a Recruiter however as a Recruiter you have one job and that is NOT to Find People Jobs, BUT Find People for your Organization's Openings! 

However my passion and why I stayed in this business as a Recruiter for this long is to help people who have hidden talents just waiting to add value to an organization. They just need help finding their talents and developing them!

My other passion is helping a "underdog" achieve and succeed!  Two of my favorite jobs were when I was helping two start up organizations scale and grow by building out their departments via finding critical resources.  I'm a big believer in small business and the incredible careers they can offer employees, even more than Fortune 500 Organizations can offer!  

My commitment to my clients new to Talent Acquisition is educate them in how to build teams and find the talent even without being well-known to candidates in the market place!  If you are a Professional looking to transition in your career my commitment to you is help you get into that strategic career you desire!


CCG Background


  • 20 years of HR experience specific to Talent Acquisition working in major markets such as Detroit/Boston/Tampa Bay, along with recruiting in other major markets in the Northeast and West Coast.
  • 7 years of Contract Agency & Perm Placement experience working for large/mid-size/small agencies placing Mid-to-Executive Level Technology, Management and C-Level Individuals.  
  • Corporate Recruiting/Talent Acquisition experience with extensive expertise sourcing/hiring high-level and diverse Information Technology Talent working within a SaaS Consulting Environment (PwC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM Watson Health, BAE Systems, NTT Data and VMware)  
    • Software Engineers, Project Managers, Technical Architects, Database Administrators, Web Developers/Architects, Network Administrators.  
    • Enterprise Software Sales BDM's & Pre-Sales Engineers working inside the Healthcare, Financial Services, Federal Government (Defense) and Automotive industries.  
  • Demonstrated success staffing Technology, Sales, Human Resources and Marketing departments for two brand new Start-Up organizations within Corporate Recruiting Technology environments. ( // 


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