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 When it comes to hiring, small startup companies have an advantage over large organizations. They do not need to conduct high volume hiring.  Why is that an advantage? 

  • When high-volume hiring is needed, Internal Recruiting, Human Resources and Hiring Departments get overwhelmed. 
  • This usually results in reactive hiring for specific job openings that are immediately needed. 
  • There are consequences for not considering important hiring factors. 
  • Does the person fit the company culture. What is the motive for wanting employment. 
  • When these factors are not considered, poor hiring decisions are made.

These are all major hiring problems bigger organizations encounter who are NOT small & lean.

Company Profile Hiring Strategy Businesses must always be in proactive hiring mode. Even if there is not an opening or a need, talent search should be an ongoing function. 

  • Create hiring profiles based on core functions to your organization.
  • Create an interview process that decreases time-to-fill and generates a pleasant candidate experience.
  • Interview using a hands on approach as opposed to traditional interview methods.
  • Evaluate candidates based on a simulated situation of performing a job task in your environment.
  • Give candidates a team oriented task with members of your team to evaluate team chemistry and collaboration.


Generate excitement

1) Providing an online Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Resource for Technology Entrepreneurs and Small Business Startups through our Career Compass Group Job Beat online publication.
2) Partner as a driving force from a HR and Talent Acquisition Consulting perspective to help transform Small Business Startups into growing organizations!

  • New businesses wanting to make a successful transformation to the next level and beyond one resource needs to be in place, strong Human Capital!
  • Hiring Career Compass Group as a Consultant you are not getting an Agency, BUT a Talent Acquisition Consulting Partner who will be an extension to your team! 
  • This means were going to dissect your current hiring process and either add improvements to make it more effective or completely redesign it.


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 Coming out to speak and being a Talent Acquisition Advisor to Small Business and Future Leaders is one of my biggest passions!  I want to help Leaders with great ideas transform their business into something special through the acquisition of strong talent!
With my 20+ years I have experienced as being an Executive Search and Corporate Technology Recruiter, I have a lot of great ideas to share.  What better way to do that than coming out and speaking to the public!
Organizations and Groups that I love to come share my ideas with and where I can add some value are  

  • Professional Business Meetup/Alumni Groups
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurial Groups
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Marketing & Sales 

See course options below and for more information on how to book trainings send an email to Steve Rosen at