HR Talent Acquisition Services-Small Business


Recruitment Candidate Funnel Strategy

One of our premium service offerings we provide for our clients is education and integration around a long-term Talent Acquisition Strategy.  This looks like something similar to a Sales Funnel.  Organizations don't stop selling when they have closed a deal.  The same should hold true once you have filled a position.  Employees move on, promotions happen and additional business gets acquired which are critical reasons why organizations of all sizes need a constant "Candidate Pipeline Funnel".


Profile Hiring-Identifying Critical Avatars

Before you can go out and hire you need to have a strategy of what positions you are hiring for that are strategic to driving your overall business goals (we call these positions AVATARS)

  • CCG will help you assess where you are now as far as a business and where you want to go.  From there we help you figure out what those Key Positions or Avatars are you need to hire.
  • Then we will help you create profiles around those Avatars so when you go out into the market place to hire you have a "Blue Print" of the exact type of people you are hiring for.
  • Assist your organization with creating Job Specs and a Job Description that will create awareness into the candidate pool you are looking for to fit your Blue Print.
  • Last piece to the puzzle is an HR Candidate Branding Strategy incorporating all the pieces of Social Media.
    • Helping you build out your Linkedin Company page to create awareness
    • Help you design your Recruitment Branding Message so you can communicate to your ideal candidate pool on other Social Media tools such as Twitter & Facebook.
    • Employee Branding videos
    • etc..


Training Services

Help Companies With Building & Training Recruiting Departments

In order for the High Velocity Hiring Method to work it needs to be a consistent function in your organization.  The best resource for maintaining this strategy for your organization is someone with an HR Background and more specific a Recruiting Background.

If this person exist in your organization we can train them on this methodology if they don't we can help you build and hire a team for this.

Provide Supplemental Recruiting Support

If your organization finds it self in a bind and needs help hiring a resource or two, CCG can step in and help fill that void.

We can offer our clients access to our deep network of people in the Sales, Technology and Leadership space to help locate people to fill a critical role in your organization!