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Career Ministries of Michigan Helping Put People Back To Work

I've had the pleasure of knowing Matt Karrandja for over 15 years now as a Trusted Colleague in the Staffing Industry as well as an amazing Mentor.  Matt has assisted in aspiring my career over the years.

However what I admire the most about Matt Karrandja, is the incredible work he has done with a charity that he holds close to his heart called Career Ministries of Michigan.  Matt was asked by his local Pastor back in 2002 to help out during the Recession with giving some career advice to the local community.  Matt was determined to do more than that, he went one step further and built an organized workshop group with the goal of helping get as many people possible back to work.

Please click on Matt's Photo to learn more about the amazing transformation and work Career Ministries is doing 15 years later! 

Grand Circus Teaching Adults Coding

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Take a peek at some of the innovative things this local Detroit, Michigan Tech School is doing to help adults find new careers in technology!

"Broke, Busted & Disgusted"

 As both a professional in Talent Acquisition and someone who went to College and took many years to pay back my loans, Adam Carroll’s movie documentary “Broke Busted & Disgusted” really moved me!

Collar Jobs Opens Opportunities for Those Without Degrees

 “New Collar” Program is providing job opportunities to Non-College Graduates the way they are offered to the Skilled Trade Labor Market!

What Makes Generation Z Special as Future Employees

What makes Generation Z even more valuable as an employee is this is the first generation ever to grow up in a truly Global Society. 

College Internships are Critical for Career Growth

Importance of Internships for College Students of All Grades!

It doesn’t matter what year of College you are in; even if you are a Freshman its not too early to work an internship in an area that interest you!