Training Brand New Businesses how to use Linkedin to Sell their Product or Service


Linkedin For Growing Your Brand New Business Venture


Even using Linkedin the free version is an amazing and powerful tool for growing your brand new business venture to launch into a profitable organization.  This advanced Linkedin training will go beyond just reaching out to other professionals and making connections.  

We will teach Entrepreneurs how to utilize those connections and turn them into meaningful networking opportunities to market your product or service to your targeted niche audience.  In addition, we will educate New Business Owners on advanced Linkedin Searching Techniques to find brand new sales leads in ways you didn’t imagine possible!

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies to engage your current connections to build meaningful professional relationships where your new venture can get  recognition.
  • Learn methods to finding new connections using the Groups and Alumni function of Linkedin.
  • Learn how to create your own database of sales leads within Linked organized to custom fit you.
  • Get trained on how to market and brand your business in Linkedin from a consulting perspective vs. a direct solicitation perspective.
  • More………….