Training Businesses Branding to Acquire Talent


Organizational Branding for Successful Hiring

Program Description:

This is much different from candidates branding and marketing themselves to Hiring Managers and Companies.  As an organization you are viewed for your reputation much more in Social Media than individual people.  Therefore everything from your company message to all activities your organization partakes in needs to be scrutinized. It’s imperative you are promoting the brand you want the public to identify with.  If it’s not, this could greatly impact your hiring efforts which will impact your business and it’s mission.

In this training we will help your organization design a specific value proposition for the specific type of candidates you hire for.  You will learn how to leverage a variety of social media platforms to convey messages from a Talent Acquisition Perspective on why your organization is an exciting place to come work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to target and reach the type of candidates you are looking to hire based on your hiring profiles, then relating your company brand message to them.
  • Ingredients to make your company page and website more appealing from a hiring perspective.
  • Importance of getting your employees involved in not only recruiting but promoting your brand.
  • Creating appealing hiring events to create awareness.