Training Emerging Businesses How to Hire


Profile Hire Training-New Way To Acquire Talent

Program Description:

If you only look to hire in a Reactive Mode when a need arises, as an organization that leaves you vulnerable to your competition when it comes to acquiring a limited resource of specific talent.  In order to thrive as an organization, you not only have the strongest talent onboard but talent that is a right fit for your organization’s chemistry makeup. That takes a lot of planning from a Talent Acquisition standpoint.Hiring to profiles that fit your organization is a strategy that can be highly effective when executed in the correct manner!  This training will help your organization understand how to plan for and assess the type of talent needed at all times.  This allows for building a proactive pipeline of people to hire when your customer demand calls for additional resources

.Learning Objectives

  • Creating profiles that fit your organization based on evaluating people in your organization that are successful and more important people in your organization who HAVE NOT been successful.
  • Learn the method for creating a pipeline for these profiles once they have been identified.
  • Learn how to do initial phone screens based on how candidates fit the organization/job and motives for wanting to work at your organization.  Learning how to ask the right questions for this type of call.
  • Conduct an on the job experience type of interview to assess how candidates would perform in the role in your organization as well as how they would collaborate with your specific team.  Learn how to create this type of simulated experience.
  • Learn how to close a candidate that you have identified as someone you want to hire.
  •  Learn about options for Applicant Tracking Systems to house your candidate data and how to strategically use that for your pipeline hiring.