Tampa Bay

Entrepreneurial Trendsetters

Brock Gant the owner of Gant Marketing and Steve Rosen the owner of Career Compass Group, both driven by Entrepreneurship; wanted to do something to give back and help grow the Entrepreneur Community here in Tampa, Florida. So we launched a non-profit initiative called Tampa Bay Entrepreneurial Trendsetters to give local Tampa Entrepreneurs a platform through our Speaker of the Month Series to share their knowledge. We created a talk show where we bring Entrepreneurs on to be interviewed about a subject matter they have expert knowledge in that is valuable to the business community.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this group to serve Entrepreneurs, Trendsetters, and Disruptors in achieving sustainable success through our Tampa Bay Business Trendsetters Meetup Events.

We believe in creating strategic relationships amongst local Tampa Bay Entrepreneurs that fosters an environment of helping each other succeed through education, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

We plan to incorporate this through engaging guest speakers who have a story to tell that can potentially inspire us all. The platform will be conducted in a forum of Q&A, "Fireside Discussions" and Social Engagement.