The Phone Clinic

You are a busy professional and rely on your phone and gadgets. You dropped your phone that you rely on, the screen is cracked and you need repairs. The repair place that fixed your phone was slow, repairing your phone. You prefer not going there again. Here is the solution. The Phone Clinic in Michigan is where to find professional repair technicians that want to help and are not slow . After the repairs, you are satisfied and relieved.Career Compass Group has spoke with entrepreneur Anthony Kallabat

What inspired your business The Phone Clinic?  We had a store that sold used pagers. After that we self taught ourselves to open the old Iphone 4 and customize the color. This is where we became entrepreneurs.

Explain the way you are different from the Geek Squad and your competitors?There is no curtain separating us from the customer. We like it that way, you see what we are doing. We are honest guys that put an emphasis in customer service We recognize the value of having a phone/laptop and the problems a person has when they need repairs.  Every repair is done in front of the customer. The customer is, in and out of our repair shop , satisfied and relieved.   

 Explain why your repairs are done in front of the customer ?We do not hide behind a curtain . This way we are sociable professionals and are available to answer questions while we are doing repairs.

What are some of the repairs you offer ?We have the knowledge to fix nearly any part of a phone and laptop . Such as battery replacement, cracked screen etc.

Was your training self taught ?  We are self taught . Our technicians go through our training program to ensure we properly repair what you request.

Why would you recommend purchasing a used phone ?It is a inexpensive alternative,  usually there is not much of a difference with an expensive phone.

What are some of the accessories, available in your stores ?We have  phone and Ipad cases,  party speakers and drones  etc. If there is a product/accessories you need that is not in stock  we could obtain it.
You offer a Discount on accessories  with repair purchase?  It is an in store discount. See manager .You send technicians to businesses to repair equipment ?We want to do that.  The goal is to offer it soon .

Are you expanding / franchising  with more locations ?We currently have 3 locations.  Have up to 7 stores this year located in Metro Detroit . We are planning on franchising and becoming a national company.

What is upcoming for The Phone clinic ,  repairs,  products  etc.  Growth and expansion to benefit current and future clients Any suggestions to anyone considering becoming an entrepreneur?Follow your dreams.  Be ready to struggle.