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Is it too late for you to learn to code?


Click on to see local St. Petersburg, Florida Tech Academy Suncoast Developer Guild is making a difference in helping people find new careers in the "Tech Space"!

Teenage Girls Code With Entrepreneur/Fashion Model Karlie Kloss


Click on to check out this inspiring story how Model and Entrepreneur Karlie Kloss is making a difference in Young Girls life in giving them a technical career option!

3 Ways to Get the Best People to Work for Your Company


"To get the right people working for you, you'll need to make your company as attractive as your products."

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Llya Pozin

5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Code


Lauren Mabra of Suncoast Developers Guild writes:

"The youth of today are our potential future developers. It may seem crazy to have such a young mind learning something seemingly as complex as developing a web page or app. However, it isn’t a convoluted science, and it definitely is not magic. Writing code is how we are able to communicate with computers to be able to do things such as run apps, websites, and play video games."

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